CarpeDiem-1A few years ago I decided to take up photography – again. In my youth, I spent many hours in the darkroom learning about black and white photography. My best friend’s dad worked in the photo lab on base and had a nice darkroom in his home. Even as an adult I continued to shoot “run of the mill” snapshots of people and vacation spots. In recent years I really wanted to develop my skills and learn the art form – I am pretty left brained and wanted to challenge my right brain (there is actually a leadership lesson in there). With the exception of the head shots on this site all photography is mine. If something strikes your fancy please let me know. Maybe you want that view hanging on your office wall!
Like leadership development, photography is a process. Everyday I learn a little bit more. I learn about a technique – using my camera differently or processing the photo afterwards – and see how I can apply it and if I like the results. Yes, there are times when things don’t work out like the YouTube video or author showed. Yet, I learned and that is the point. It is a journey. I hope that you enjoy the results of my efforts.