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Workshop Topics:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Workshop

Half-day to full-day session covering EQ using the Reuven Bar-On defined model.  This comprehensive model provides a robust look at emotional intelligence in five domains covering fifteen sub-scales. EQ is estimated to account for between 27% and 45% of job success. This workshop will provide you with a substantial foundation into what EQ is, a personalized report on your self-reported EQ, and development strategies to increase your EQ. This workshop is geared towards organizations that are looking to implement EQ in their leadership development programs or as a selection criteria for new hires.

Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment (EISA) Workshop

A less robust, yet highly useful model than the Reuven Bar-On model. This is a full day workshop that will cover five factors of emotional intelligence as well as development strategies to increase your EQ.


DISC has been around for many years. It is still a valuable tool to help leaders, and emerging leaders, know themselves and the members of their team.