Building your personal network – Sharing

Part 3

U of MN Student Lounge

Build your personal network by sharing it generously. Keith Ferrazzi, author of Never Eat Alone, believes that this strategy is critical to building not just your network, but also your brand. Here is what Ferrazzi has to say:

Before you walk into the conference, adopt the first of my Four Mindsets for relationship building: Generosity. The other three –  vulnerability, candor, and accountability – will come in handy too, but generosity is where it all starts when it comes to building a strong  foundation for your brand. Make sure that when you’re interacting one-one-one with people that you’re leading with authentic generosity – that means being willing to help without keeping score.

Develop an emotional connection with people you meet–by asking open-ended questions and listening intently to the answers given. Be generous in your interactions with others, not just by asking good questions, but also by sharing your network. When you act generously, people will want to do business with you. They will also send business to you via their networks.

How are you coaching your sales staff to become better at personal networking? This takes a dedicated effort on the part of a leader. Part of it will be around helping your sales staff to set goals – not about getting a lead, but around making introductions. Bring people together. Facilitate the building of relationships.