Emotional Intelligence Assessment

EQI2.0_CLogo_websiteEmotional Intelligence Individual Feedback Sessions

Improve your relationships at work and home and increase your Emotional Intelligence effectiveness by receiving feedback on your own EQ assessment results. Participate in an in-depth feedback session using one or more of the powerful EQ assessments available from The Carpe Diem Coach.

Any assessment is only as good as the feedback you receive on it. Feedback from a knowledgeable, well-trained certified coach who has a deep understanding of the instrument being used is essential to ensure that a you don't misinterpret the results or fail to see their relevance. We will lead you through a one-hour process that helps to identify your strengths and out-of-balance areas and gain the self-understanding you need to create a customized Action Development Plan.

The Process

The feedback process is simple while the rewards are great. You will receive valuable information that, when combined with an Action Development Plan, helps you achieve your goals, improve your relationships, understand and manage your emotions, and develop your leadership skills.

  • Complete the online assessment (we will send you a link)
  • Participate in a one-hour feedback session with an certified coach using live, online videoconferencing (EQ 360 feedback requires two sessions of one hour each)
  • Create a customized Action Development Plan (a template will be provided)
  • Participate in two optional 30-minute coaching sessions using live, online videoconferencing
  • Implement your Action Development Plan

EQ Assessment Pricing

EQ-i 2.0

EQ-i 2.0 Assessment: 

Includes one (1) online assessment plus a single 60 minute live, online videoconferencing feedback session.

EQ 360 Assessment: 

Includes one (1) EQ360 Assessment plus a single 60 minute live, online videoconferencing feedback session.

This assessment requires that a number of other individuals provide feedback via the 360 degree online system. You can send requests to a supervisor, peers (at least 3 are required), direct reports (at least 3 are required), as well as friends and family (at least 3 are required). When less than 3 individuals in a given group are recorded that set of responses are combined with other responses. This ensures that the responses are kept as confidential as possible.

Additional Coaching

Add two (2) 30-minute live, online videoconferencing follow-up coaching sessions. These sessions can be used to provide further clarity into your report or to assist you in constructing your Action Development Plan.

Please select from the options below. We will invoice you. Once the invoice is paid you will receive a link to take the online assessment that you selected.