One Year Makes a Difference

Boys at the lake


A small commitment with significant results

Just over a year ago I made a silent commitment to myself to write a blog post and publish that post every day for at least a year. I just realized that the goal was achieved in June 2017. I also made a commitment to publish some of my photography – like the photo you see above of two of my sons enjoying one of the seasons that Minnesota has to offer. Along the way I have learned a lot about me and a lot about those whom I serve. My execution on leadership still needs work – as does my photography. And that is the point. It is a never ending path of learning and change. The horizon keeps moving!

In much of what I write I show the reader my gap, my vulnerability. The path with which I struggle to follow. A daily or even weekly journal can be a powerful tool to help guide you along the path. That is what this blog has done for me. There is no silver bullet (except if you are the Lone Ranger), no single model for team development, no 100% proven methodology for change. There are, however, frameworks that help us to put things into perspective and search for the knowledge, mentor, or coaching necessary to move forward.

Drucker was right: Culture eats strategy for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner)! Enron had a culture. So does Zappos (even though they are now owned by Amazon). Both had entirely different outcomes. Your organization has a culture. Some of it is hidden and some of it is quite visible. That culture can either help or hinder your personal leadership journey. Understand both the roadblocks and opportunities that the culture provides and develop your unique plan. It is truly worth the effort.

Carpe Diem!