Decision Making – High and Low Attributes

Emotional Intelligence (Bar-On Model)

Feeling competent, calm and grounded in one’s ability to use emotional information to make decisions renders one better equipped to deal with everyday stressors, without being derailed by emotions.

Decision Making Composite



  • May not use emotional information effectively
  • Emotions may hinder decision making
  • May fall victim to rash behaviors/decisions
  • Could struggle to remain objective
  • May be derailed or biased by emotions
  • Leverages emotional information to make decisions
  • Seeks and maintains high-caliber relationships
  • Finds good ways of arriving at a solution
  • Grounded; able to objectively size up a situation
  • Can separate emotion-driven assumptions from fact
  • Resists or delays impulses to act; methodical

EQ-i 2.0 Model

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