Problem Solving – High and Low Attributes

Emotional Intelligence (Bar-On Model)

Problem Solving: Find solutions when emotions are involved

Low level of Problem Solving

  • May be anxious or unable to get past the emotions involved in a problem
  • May not draw information from emotions in order to solve problems
  • Relies more on intuition rather than analysis
  • Sees the potential in numerous solutions
  • Overwhelmed with the responsibility of making a decision; may spend more time exploring options
  • Easily distracted by emotions
  • Focuses on tasks not people

High level of Problem Solving

  • Understands how to use emotions to solve problems
  • Maintains a clear focus on the problem at hand
  • Identifies problems readily; chooses the best solution from among many options
  • Gathers information and makes pro/con assessments
  • Focused demeanor

Problem Solving is a sub-scale of the Decision Making domain.

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